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    Judas. Jeff Loveness, Jakub Rebelka




    ISBN: 9781684152216 | 112 pages | 3 Mb
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    • Judas
    • Jeff Loveness, Jakub Rebelka
    • Page: 112
    • Format: pdf, ePub, fb2, mobi
    • ISBN: 9781684152216
    • Publisher: BOOM! Studios

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    Electronic books free downloads Judas 9781684152216 (English Edition) PDB CHM PDF


    Judas by Jeff Loveness, Jakub Rebelka Judas Iscariot journeys through life and death, grappling with his place in “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” EVERY STORY NEEDS A VILLAIN Judas Iscariot is one of the most tragic figures of the Bible — an acolyte, a betrayer, a villain. But if it wasn’t for Judas... the story of Jesus wouldn’t work. Before he was born, he was a slave to the story. In a religion built on redemption and forgiveness, one man had to sacrifice himself for everyone... and it wasn’t Jesus. Written by Emmy and WGA Award-nominated Jeff Loveness (Nova) and illustrated by Jakub Rebelka (Namesake), Judas is a visually striking odyssey of spirituality and fantasy that follows Judas Iscariot through the depths of Hell as he grapples with his place in the “Greatest Story Ever Told,” facing trials and tribulations taken from between the lines of the Bible.

    Why Judas was actually more of a saint, than a sinner
    Judas has had a 2000-year raw deal. Here's why it's time for a rethink. The 'Gospel of Judas' - Featured Today - Catholic Online
    The document paints Judas Iscariot in a positive light, and describes him as obeying a divine ordinance in handing over Jesus to the authorities for the salvation  Judas and Matthias - Pope Benedict XVI - EWTN.com
    The meaning of the name "Judas" is controversial: the more common explanation considers him as a "man from Kerioth", referring to his village of origin situated  judas | Definition of judas in English by Oxford Dictionaries
    1An Apostle; full name Judas Iscariot. He betrayed Christ to the Jewish authorities in return for thirty pieces of silver; the Gospels leave his motives uncertain. The Star Of Judas In The Gospel Of Judas » Brill Online
    A special characteristic of the Gospel of Judas is its astronomical and astrological interest, especially traces of concerns about the influence of stars and planets. Who Was Judas Iscariot? Frequently Asked Questions about Judas
    There are at least three men named Judas in the New Testament, but the most famous Judas is Judas Iscariot (in John 6:71, he is described as the son of Simon   Is Judas Iscariot To Blame For The Death Of Jesus? - New Vision
    Judas Iscariot son of Simon Iscariot is still remembered for betraying his master crucified in AD 33. His good deeds are forgotten and his name  What the Gospel of Judas really says - The New York Times
    Instead, Jesus asked Judas, his most trusted and beloved disciple, to hand him over to be killed. Judas' reward? Ascent to heaven and 


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